Cruising on Crystal Serenity Dec 12th, 2008 - Jan 6th, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday # 3


We’ve made the turn to head northward. I know that 25 days at sea might sound like a lot, and yes, we have to go home…but there’s just something melancholy about the last few days.

Let’s see…

We headed to the Captain’s Quarters for a cocktail party on Thursday night. Yup…he definitely has the nicest (and certainly largest) accommodations on the ship. There were about 25 people present and there was room for 3 times that many in the reception lounge of his quarters (all the way forward on the starboard side of deck 11) It’s basically a public room, and by no means a glimpse into his private environment…but it was fun to have the opportunity to “hob-nob”. It was very much a see and be seen affair.

On New Year’s Eve, Lynda ‘saved the Captain’s wife’ from a maniac on a three wheeler. An old man has been racing around the ship on his scooter with absolutely no regard for the people around him. He’s probably clocking at 8 mph…and look-out if he’s backing up, at full speed, out of an elevator. We’ve seen him drive full on into people on walkers, crashing into furniture and anything else that might cross his path. So when the captain and his family were leaving the dining room on New Year’s Eve, “Mr. Road Rage” slammed into the Captain’s wife. She would have hit the floor had Lynda not been there. Lynda had HAD it with him. She unleashed her wrath on the insolent ol’ boob and got right in his face. It was hilarious. He seems to have slowed down a bit since then.

Anyhow, to make a long story short (?) when we were introduced at the Captain’s quarters that was obviously Lynda’s “in” with the head honcho. The three of them kibitzed away about the perilous event and how Lynda gave him right royal shit !

After that soiree we headed to dinner in the Dining Room. We had pre-ordered a fancy dinner for New Year’s Day and it was simply amazing ! We started with seared fois gras, then oysters Rockefeller for our appetizers. Our main course was a gigantic platter of lobster tails with hollandaise, truffle risotto, asparagus and sautéed spinach. For desert we had chocolate soufflés. OMG !! It was fantastic.

We then hit the Avenue Saloon for more libations and finally crashed at 1:00.

We slept in until 10:00 on Friday and didn’t go ashore until almost noon. Curacao was a really pretty port. It doesn’t quite have that overly touristy feel to it yet. The architecture is spectacular and there were some decent cafes along the waterfront.

We’ve been on a mission for a new video camera. (the bar manager, Joao got a cutting edge little gizmo in St. Maarten that he’s been showing off to us --- we must have one !!) So we shopped out all the electronics stores with no success *pout*.

I’m not sure how many consecutive nights of cocktail receptions we’ve had now…but we’re booked up until the end of the cruise.

Last night we didn’t sail until midnight, so from 9:30 until 12:30 the Galaxy Orchestra played Big Band tunes in the Palm Court AND the bars were complimentary. *hic* We were on the open wing-deck for sail away at midnight, and then proceeded to close the room at 2:30 am.

This morning was ‘ouchie’ for both of us. Not sure if it is merely burn-out lack of sleep or maybe the Gran Marnier …OR a combination of both. (most likely) We’ve been a little wiggly today !

We were up and out of our room at 9:00 (unbelievable isn’t it ?) We enjoyed lunch in the Dining Room with D&G and then headed into Oranjestad in search of the cool little camera. Still no luck.

We hit afternoon tea hoping that some carbs and Earl Grey would make us feel better. Hmmmm.

Lynda’s currently curled up under the covers in what David likes to call “repose” so that she’ll be ready for “public viewing” later this evening.

We’ve got a cocktail party up on the Penthouse Deck at 7:00 with the boys and then we’re off to Prego for dinner. If we’re able we may go for a midnight swim…but I’m sensing that an early night might be needed.

Tomorrow is the Captain’s Farewell reception and formal gala dinner…Then on the final night of the cruise we’ve got our LAST (I’d hate to count up how many in total) cocktail party at 5:15 for the Friends of Dorothy.

That should just about finish us off !

I should be napping….but I’ve never been very good at that…

Farewell from Aruba !



Dolly said...

Blimey!! Some gals just get to have all the fun!!

Loved the ol' bozo story. Go get him, Lynda!!

Dolly said...

Where's the EMAIL?????

In case you're wondering.....

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