Cruising on Crystal Serenity Dec 12th, 2008 - Jan 6th, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009


~~ This blog might be a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, cocktails and events portrayed might be the product of the author’s imagination or might be used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, cocktails or persons, living or dead, might be entirely coincidental !! ~~

Whew…I think that lets us off the hook a little. We wouldn’t want anyone to think that the content of this blog is a depiction of ‘how it actually happens’ here on board. It couldn’t possibly be….could it ?

Anyhow….here it is the LAST day of the cruise. *insert pouty face here*

We managed to make it to Joe & Brian’s last cocktail party on Saturday evening. As I mentioned before we were really dragging on Saturday. We enjoyed ourselves immensely but it was an effort to be our usual chipper selves.

We had a fairly quiet dinner at Prego and then made a bee-line towards the pillows and mattress by midnight. While riding the elevator to our stateroom the mirrored walls told the story. I couldn’t believe how tired we looked. We really needed a sound night of slumber.

Sunday was a great day. We played the slots until it was time to meet up with the Usual Suspects at noon. Gary likes to hold a champagne luncheon on the Lido deck at some point following New Years, and this was the day. When we arrived he had commandeered 2 circular tables complete with linens and an ice-bucket stood ready. Eight of us joined in the camaraderie much to the envious glares of passersby. We had an excellent luncheon and sipped away until after 2.

We retired to the room for laundry duty and then, because there are only two days left, decided to head up to afternoon tea. We met up with George and David and chattered away until the early seating reception was about to begin.

After a few hours of repose we managed to squeeze and tuck all of our new bits n’ pieces into our formal wear just in time to attend the Captain’s Farewell Reception. Dinner was another elegant affair.

I tell ya, we love to order “nice bottles” of wine with dinner (in case you hadn’t noticed…we imbibe on occasion) but last night made us feel like one of those little yachts in St. Barts. The table to my left was enjoying a 1981 Petrus (gasp!) and the table to my right had a 1982 Ch. Mouton Rothschild (OMG!) The Petrus hits the list at $2500.00 and the Mouton tipples in at almost double that ! eeeek ! The family that was having the Mouton poured it out over six stems…3 of them for children under the age of 10. KIDS !!! Slurping back a killer bottle of Bordeaux and leaving their glasses half empty. I wanted to be adopted !

My-oh-My !!

We pre-ordered a fancy dinner for the last night of the cruise, and then headed to the Avenue for after dinner libations. By 12:30 the formal wear was just too hot and uhm…tight…to lounge around in any longer, so we headed up to the pool. DRAT ! The maintenance men were in the process of draining and refilling the pool. There was no swimming to be had.

We sat around poolside for about an hour and then headed to our room where we enjoyed star gazing on our veranda. The moon was a gorgeous inverted half that hung low at the waterline…it was beautiful.

We enjoyed the benefits of turning the clocks BACK an hour and lingered in our room until 10:00 am. We managed to get the suitcases all packed up (save for our last few outfits and toiletries) and headed out to enjoy our last full day on board.

We’ve just returned from lunch in the Dining Room and Lynda is currently in “deep repose”. She’s suffering from a chest cold that has been circulating through the populous since we boarded and it’s knocking her out. If we’re to have a nice evening, she needs to rest up.

Tomorrow, Lynda has a 7am customs call and mine is at 8:10 (last initials are beneficial sometimes) but we’ll both likely go at 7 so that we can commiserate and say our farewells.

We’ve got a car scheduled for 10:00 from the Port of Miami up to Ft. Lauderdale and our flight back to reality doesn’t depart until 3:00 (ugh)

I’m going to post this now, then head to the veranda for some sunshine while I read. I’d better get at least a LITTLE bit of color to prove that I’ve been in the Caribbean for almost 4 weeks !

This will likely be the last post from the ship. I’ll update once we’re home and I promise to add some photos and videos to the blog once I’m on my own speedy connection. (all this verbiage is SO dry !)

Bon Voyage


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David and Larry said...

Safe trip home to the frigid tundras, ladies!

It was our pleasure to meet you, and I'll continue to check your blog for any updates.

In case you're wondering.....

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