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Friday, September 19, 2008

Here We Go Again

*** 83 DAYS TO GO ! ***

Okay....I know this is early, but I wanted to get this set up before all the hectic pre-cruise business approaches !

We've already begun the mandatory weight-loss regime ( put that DOWN ! ) and should manage to drop a pound or so before it's time to get gastronomically rabid on board the ship. I'd like to say that we've cut out vodka and wine consumption in an effort to obtain our Bo Derek bodies...but that's just not gonna happen !

For this adventure, we're going to fly into San Jose, Costa Rica the day before we're due to board the ship. Who knows what kind of weather delays we could encounter in Toronto in December !?! Sooooo, we're playing it safe and staying at the Costa Rica Marriott the night before, then the 2 hour jungle ride to the ship the following day. (This should also ensure that we board in time for the Champagne Luncheon !)

Up until 2 days ago, we were booked into a Standard A cabin....then we got to thinking "Hmmm, remember how much we liked all that Butler stuff on the last cruise ?"

That's it, we are doomed ! There may never be any "going back"

My travel agent who, incidentally, sounds like one of the chain smoking, blue-bouffant sisters from The Simpsons, can't understand 'why' we would want to upgrade. Silly Silly Girl. We've now procured a penthouse on the starboard side of Deck 11 in PH 11017.

The excitement has officially begun to mount !!

I'll post more as the countdown diminishes.


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